Anaïs Volpé is a self taught screenwriter, film director and editor. After many years on stage as an actress, she learns filmmaking by making films on her own, from writing to editing, her films received severals awards in festivals. In 2016, she wrote, directed and self-produced a crossmedia project named HEIS, made of a feature film, a series and an artistic installation. The whole project has been exhibited in artitics places and was selected in some International Film Festival such as International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR), Angers First European Film Festival, Independent International Film Festival of Bordeaux (FIFIB)... It won the Jury’s Award for the Best World Fiction Feature Film at the 2016 LA FILM FESTIVAL and was eligible to be part of the 2017 Independent Spirit Awards. The year after, Anaïs is selected to be part of the Script Station of the Berlinale, to develop a new script « Märlha-Trauma », currently in writing process

She co-directed a documentary series, named "Dans la jungle, avec un petit couteau à beurre..." funded by CNC Talent. This series is part of a global project dealing with French school system and questions about diplomas.

In 2021, her first feature film produced by Caroline Nataf (Unité), Entre les Vagues (The Braves) made a World Premiere at the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes 2021. The film has also been selected in Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Film, Angouleme International Festival of French-Speaking Film, Montreal Cinemania Film Festival (...) and won the Best French Film Director at the Champs-Elysees Film Festival. On Entre les Vagues (The Braves), Anaïs worked with artists like Souheila Yacoub (Climax), Deborah Lukumuena (Divines) or the American Cinematographer Sean Price Williams (Good Time, Mad love in New York)